1948 Indian Chief

There aren’t many motorcycles that can top this one for sheer beauty. The classic lines of an original Indian with its sweeping fenders is a thing to behold, and this one looks immaculate.

1948 Indian Chief

This is a beautifully restored 1948 Indian Chef with no expense spared. It is also a matching number motorcycle which makes it very rare indeed.

Right after it was restored it was acquired by a museum for display.  It sat in prominent display for many people to enjoy for the last 5 years.

When it was stored it was in excellent running condition. It was properly “winterized” for storage to preserve its mechanicals, it runs smooth and strong.

It has a total of 12 miles on it since restoration. The long flowing full fenders, side shifter and Indian head on the front fender set these classic’s apart from the rest.

All the chrome is in excellent condition, and the paint is stunning.

The pin stripes are all hand painted and very classic. An Indian specialist in South Dakota did this restoration.

This is an excellent addition for any man cave, or classic collection.

1948 Indian Chief

The bike was restored by Leonard Block in Canton South Dakota in 2010.

It recently passed in for US $22,000 on eBay.

More images of this beautifully restored vehicle can be seen here.