How Do You Say ‘Straya? “V8 Supercar Burnout”

Motorports in Australia, and go…let’s see here, there’s drag racing, of course…Stadium Super Trucks have proven to be popular…Ok, hell with it: V8 Supercars and burnouts. We tried to find other items but when it boils down to it, howling V8 sedans and psychotic fog machines that tend to catch on fire at the end of the fun are pretty par for the course. Supercars rule because it’s everything NASCAR is not: you know what kind of car you are looking at, the machines at least appear to be based off of a real machine, and there is more to a Supercar race than just a long sweeping left turn. Burnout machines are the most unhinged, mental thing out there: horsepower at obscene levels, a driver who does not understand what “quit” means, and the goal of turning two perfectly good tires into a fine rubber dust at the loudest possible volume. It’s got no other purpose than that, but it’s also as intoxicating as a rock concert when the mosh pit goes into overkill and the band goes for broke…it’s completely unnecessary, but experience it in person and you’ll understand it a bit better.

Surely, combining the two elements together has to be a good idea then, right? Well…let’s just say it is for the time being, because that scene went down. The driver is one of Australia’s top drivers, Jaime Whincup, and his Holden Commodore and the skidpad is the one at Summernats. With the Commodore now the same thing as what Americans see as a Buick Regal now, the old V8, RWD Commodore certainly deserved a final send-off!