Lowndes to debut as the voice of CONROD on Roary the Racing Car

King of the track, Craig Lowndes, zooms onto the small screen on Friday 29th January, 2010 on ABC1 at 8am followed on ABC2 at 1.30pm in his debut children’s TV performance. The V8 legend will lend his iconic Aussie voice to the role of V8 Supercar World Champion, CONROD, in the award winning pre-school animation, Roary the Racing Car.

RoaryConrod is a big throaty new Aussie V8 named after the famous straight at the Bathurst race track where Lowndes found fame. With film star status around the track, Conrod’s arrival to Silver Hatch brings a huge amount of excitement from the team, especially Roary, who is a little star struck!

Lowndes’ passion for motor racing, loveable personality and laid-back Australian style has injected Conrod with his authentic character. Conrod is a rough, tough but friendly Aussie V8 who just keeps going, even after an almighty pile up, “no worries”. He has a knack for creating a mood of competition with the other cars as well as a romantic mood with the ladies, who seem to overheat every time he comes to town!
Lowndes is thrilled to have been chosen as a new member of the Roary team, “I have moved into super cool dad status now that I am involved in Roary the Racing Car, it is fantastic” said Lowndes.

Conrod stars in three episodes (Jan 29, Feb 1 & Feb 2) of the new series on ABC TV, all filled with high octane adventures and true Aussie spirit, “beauty mate”. Conrod will also be seen in over 100 countries around the world, giving our Lowndesy international stardom…

Lowndes debut will screen as part of an exclusive broadcast deal with Chapman Entertainment in the UK and ABC TV for Roary the Racing Car series two. Roary the Racing Car also features the voice of Sir Stirling Moss as narrator and is one of ABC for Kids most popular TV series. Developed by Keith Chapman (Fifi and the Flowertots and Bob the Builder), Roary is fast becoming a household name around the world.
26 x 10min NEW episodes screen 8am weekdays on ABC 1 and 1.30pm weekdays on ABC2.

– Featuring Craig Lowndes as Aussie V8 CONROD

NEW JUICE screens Friday January 29:
8am ABC1 and 1.30pm ABC2 The super cool Aussie V8 Conrod is in town to try out Farmer Green’s new bio-fuel. But Big Chris fears something is wrong with the fuel as he comes out in spots after sampling a smoothie made from the same produce.    Panicked, Big Chris races to the track to stop Conrod from racing with the bio-fuel… Will Big Chris stop the race in time or will he find out who is responsible for his spotty face and realize that the bio-fuel is actually brilliant for the cars’ engines?

SILVER HATCH STARS screens Monday February 1:
8am ABC1 and 1.30pm ABC2 Everyone is excited at Silver Hatch as Conrod visits for a big race. But with all the fuss about the Aussie World champion, Roary thinks Conrod is ignoring him and feels very left out. To prove his worth, Roary decides he wants to beat the Aussie V8 champion in the big race. It all goes horribly wrong when both Breeze and Roary find themselves in danger. Who will save them?

SILVERHATCH SHAPES UP screens Tuesday February 2:
8am ABC1 and 1.30pm ABC2 Conrod is having an engine tune up at Silver Hatch. He boasts that his spoiler makes him faster than all the other cars, who then want to be just as fast as their V8 hero. But Conrod’s friends become concerned by the Aussie’s nasty cough. Not wanting to disappoint his fans, Conrod is determined to race anyway. Does the superhero finish the race or does his cough get the better of him?

Craig Lowndes is one of the most popular and recognisable figures in Australian sport. As a three-time Australian Touring Car Champion and four-time winner of the Bathurst 1000, Lowndes is among the most successful drivers in the history of Australian motorsport. Having started his career in go-karts at the age of nine, Lowndes rose through the ranks and finished second at Bathurst on debut in 1994.

Lowndes won his first championship season in 1996, completing a famous triple-crown with Sandown 500 and Bathurst 1000 victories. Additional championship wins followed in 1998 and 1999, with the popular Lowndes moving to Ford in 2001. Since joining Triple Eight in 2005, Lowndes has regularly been one of the drivers to beat, finishing inside the top four in the championship each year.

Consecutive Bathurst 1000 victories in 2006, 2007 and 2008 as well as a strong season in 2009 (finishing fourth in the Championship), have further cemented Lowndes’ status as a legend of Australian motorsport. 2010 is lining up to be a big year for Lowndes as he makes his children’s television debut as CONROD in January on ABC TV along with making the move back to Holden in the same month. Craig is married to wife Nat and has two children Levi and Chilli.