New 2016 NHRA Pro Stock Rules: It’s Slow

Shane Gray and his Gray Motorsports team became the first operation to make a full pass in the new Pro Stock configuration when they tested this week at Bradenton Motorsports Park.

NHRA has mandated several rules changes for 2016, including using fuel-injected engines with a rev limit of 10,500 rpm and shorter wheelie bars. All the changes, Gray said after the second of four days of testing, have definitely affected the class.

“Well, it’s slow,” Gray said. “I think it’s about 5 mph off and at least a tenth off of last year’s stuff. I think it’s maybe a tenth to 15-hundredths off of last year’s stuff. Right, in the present position we’re in, realistically, it’s 14-, 15-hundredths off and about 5 mph down.”

The staging process, which has been the same for many years in Pro Stock, has changed, too.

“The burnout is very, very tricky,” Gray said. “The staging procedure is really tricky. You can’t really give it any throttle staging it. You have to stage the thing at idle because if you start to give it any input on the throttle, then it changes the mapping and starts putting a bunch of fuel in the motor.

“If you try to give it throttle to stage it, it will just flood itself and die.”