So, I like Sports Sedans, Improved Production, F1, V8 Supercars, NASCAR, riding, building & restoring motorcycles, work (sometimes), chillin, drinking Bourbon, Vodka, Beer and looking at old houses like Californian Bungalows with amazing Art Deco features..!

I have 2 fabulous teenage boys, a totally damn nice home and a group of fantastic people I call friends… Life is pretty damn good..!

Favorite vehicles? Well pretty much all cars and bikes are special in their own way. For me however, here are the standouts…, and in no particular order they would be: Porsche 917, Porsche 956, Torana GTR XU1, Falcon XR GT, Falcon XY GTHO, Falcon XC Coupe (will always remember fondly the one, two finish of Moffat and Bond at Bathurst), Jack Brabham’s Repco-Brabham BT20 from 1966, Gilles Villeneuve’s Ferrari 312T4 from 1979, Ayrton Senna’s Mclaren MP4/4 from 1988 and finally the Bruce McLaren M8A from 1968, one of the beautiful monsters of the Can-Am age.

Favorite drivers or riders? Again a simple and short list in no particular order which includes: Mick Doohan, Ayrton Senna, Gilles Villeneuve, Greg Moore, Marcos Ambrose, Jim Richards, Peter Brock, Alan Moffat, Jim Clark, Bruce McLaren and lastly Valentino Rossi. Sure there may be others which you as the reader may consider better or more deserving, but frankly this is my list so that’s what I am sticking with… cheers for the reading and enjoy the site, if you’re going to stick around…